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From the article: "In 2003, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported more than 70,000 injuries related to martial arts were treated in hospitals, doctorsí offices, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and emergency rooms."

This excellent article about the history of Sai deserves a read. It is well researched, and even talks about the types of sai, including the manji or ying/yang sai.

This guy does some amazing stunts, jumping, spinning and backflipping through the air.

This video has 87 different moves - many of them unseen at traditional schools, and some just for show. The link has a nice sample video with a couple of things I've never seen before (Maybe you have!).

Kung fu baby makes various poses. Funny but no one gets hurt.

A question on Yahoo answers today about the best martial artsmovie of all time. Join in as an expert and make sure your choice is heard!

Author discusses two techniques that help build awareness during regular training in Wing Chun.

Names and translations of these traditional Kata. I was surprised to see: Kururunfa Praying mantis I'll have to look around and see what that form is like!

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