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A karate instructor using traditional training methods - kicking students in the stomach - was charged, but later cleared on allegations of child abuse.

A mugger gets socked by a karate champ in Rome. She punched him twice, then had the good sense to run and bring police.

Evans lands an overhand right, knock out Chuck Liddell at UFC 88!

A short decisive blow from a Martial arts Instructor knocks this pimp down

I like this story because it reminds me how tough it was for women to learn martial arts: The odds were squarely against Amy Benevento becoming a master-level black belt. As a child, her parents denied her karate lessons with the edict that karate was for boys. When she finally started lessons in college, she was so afraid of being hit that she stayed in a beginner class for four years.

Someone asked whether Batman had any superpowers, and the consensus was essentially that he did not, but instead had genius-level intellect and a mastery of a simply enormous set of disciplines...

"Frank Shamrock went to the hospital for the treatment of injuries suffered during his Strikeforce middleweight title loss to Cung Le, including what is believed to be a broken right forearm. Amy Shamrock, who is pregnant with the couple's first child, went into labor during the match and was rushed to the facility as well."

Amazing series of jujitsu takedowns and throws on this video. Leg scissors, takedowns, reversals, joint locks and much more.

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