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This video series is perfect for those protecting property and persons at night. Usually your flashlight will be drawn already, and this DVD has some great moves.

This fun new game allows you to pit two candidates against each other. You really see the personality come through in their fighting styles - check it out!

hilarious cartoon about two ninjas trying to milk a cow.

Two guys battle it out like Ling Xiaoyu of tekken. Funny, and these guys obviously have a lot of wushu skill.

Two authentic kung fu masters fighting in a ring in 1953 - check it out!

List of nunchaku techniques commonly used in freestyle competition.

4 Truths About Ninjas Chuck Norris Doesn't Want You to Know - acyually has nothing to do with Chuck Norris. Chuck started as a Korean Martial Artist. is like a simpler version of youtube with martial arts videos.

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