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Bullshido is a martial arts parody site, featuring September as "Wing Chun Sucks" month, and October as "Ving Tsun Blows". It makes you register, though. "The only forum on the Internet that will beat your ass for running your mouth."

Naihanchi or Tekki kata is one of several traditional Chinese-Okinawan karate katas whose origins have been lost over the centuries. While the Naihanchi kata is a relatively short kata with regards to the number of techniques and the amount of repetition contained within, it also possesses a large number of possible combative applications.

MyShotokan offers free access to Videos of all 26 Traditional Shotokan Kata. Dojo Key Subscribers also gain access to Sensei's Office - filled with over 400 additional videos showing Kumite and Kihon Training drills, now including an easy way to download and save the streaming videos to your computer!

"A unique story on the CBC website details an even more unusual conflict. A Chinese Shaolin temple has demanded an apology from 'an Internet user who claimed a Japanese ninja beat its kung fu-practicing monks in a showdown.' A letter from the members of the temple, posted on the Internet on Thursday, denied the fight ever took place and called on the person who posted the claim under the name "Five minutes every day" to apologize to the temple's martial arts masters. Monks from the temple, which is located in the Songshan Mountain region of the Henan province, said they will consider legal action if he or she doesn't make a public apology."

Watch this korean martial artist break 3 boards in rapid succession. I'm not sure how real the boards are - I think I saw confetti coming out, but it's still neat to watch.

"American actor Steven Seagal says false allegations by the FBI ruined his action-movie career and is demanding an apology..." "Seagal earned 7th-degree black belts as a young man in Aikido, karate, judo and kenda." Anyone heard of Kenda? A more feminine Kendo perhaps?!

Cool Monkey Kungfu Staff Form. Some of the tricks don't make sense without seeing the application, but obviously take a lot of skill to perfect. Other moves, you just know he would be smacking his opponent hard with the staff.

Signs that Taekwondo has taken over your life: When tripping over your shoelaces you bounce up into fighting stance with a Kiup. You answer your boss Ussss. You tie your bathrobe belt like an uniform belt; making sure that the ends are exactly even and the right way round. You go to sleep each night cuddling at least one martial arts weapon. (and more - visit the link!)

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