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Hilarious "facts" about Chuck: 1. Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits. 2. Chuck Norris counted to infinity—twice. And more - go visit the site!

This "Top Ten Reasons for Studying the Martial Arts" is great. My favorite: "9) Get beaten up by people half your size and twice your age". This is a funny list, and the site is a nice resource of other articles and blurbs.

Kung Fu vs Yoga - it looks to be a pretty low budget production, but the "Yoga Fighter" has some pretty agile fighting maneuvers! Check it out - you'll get a laugh!

Videos include Chi Sau Drills, attibute training, freestyle and wing chun applications

DVD of deadly strikes, inclusing pressure point strikes, dim mak, etc. I think this one is new - I haven't seen it available elsewhere.

Collection of Street Fighting videos. This site has some interesting street fighting videos. They spell Aikido incorrectly in the martial arts videos section, but some of those videos are pretty interesting, too.

An interesting thing I saw in Wikipedia's Karate page today. I like that spirit is listed before strength: Kumite Priorities * Ichi gan - first, eyes (awareness) * Ni soku - second, footwork (ability and foundation) * San tan - third, spirit (willingness to fight) * Shi riki - fourth, strength (fitness of the body)

Important Words on Martial Applications by Chen Changxing This excellent article from the "China From The Inside" website is a translation of what I thought was a lost work. what an amazing age we live in, that these martials are becoming available! The translator compares this work to a hsing yi article, and it does talk about intention, etc. Also talks about attacking from within one inch!

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