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The Hawaii Karate Museum has soem titles I'd really like to see: # Okinawa Karate and Kobudo: Over 200 Japanese Monographs from the 20th Century (pdf format), prepared by Andreas Quast, January 2006. # The First Karate Books, by Graham Noble, Fighting Arts International, Issue No. 90, 1995 (pages 19 - 23). # Graham Noble on Karate Books Part Two: The West Learns About The 'Empty Hand', by Graham Noble, Fighting Arts International, Issue No. 93, 1997 (pages 42 - 48). # Mutsu Mizuho's Karate Kenpo, by Charles Joseph Swift. # Wisdom from the Past: Tidbits on Kata Applications from Pre-War Karate Books, by Charles Joseph Swift. * Part One * Part Two: The Writings of Funakoshi Gichin * Part Three: Motobu Choki * Part Four: Mutsu Mizuho's Karate Kenpo # "What Is Self-Defense?" by James Mitose: Is There A Link To Choki Motobu? by Charles C. Goodin. Classical Fighting Arts, Issue #3, 2004. See Classical Fighting Arts Online.

Watch the host of this BBC show get hit with a Dim Mak strike. Before he gets hit: "It's probably part mind-control, part chi". After he gets hit: "I definitely felt it".

This wing chun video site pulls the best from around the web, including google video, you tube, etc. Reviews are posted for some of the best wing chun videos available, without all of the noise of youtube. Of course, for actual instruction you can't beat Benny Ming's Wing Chun Training Video set

Interesting article about where your focus should be for certain tasks: "When subjects were asked to focus on what their muscles were doing and how they were working there were significantly higher levels of electrical activity. But when they were asked to visualise lifting the weight, electrical activity was lower. Earlier studies have shown that thinking about what muscles are actually doing can make more skilful tasks like throwing a ball more difficult. "

This site has many old and classic Chinese martial arts texts that have been translated and repurposed as e-books. Subjects inclue Dim mak, the 72 movements of the I-Ching training, etc. I think I know what I want for Christmas!

NeoKarate is what we call all those techniques, moves and kicks that you see in movies and in forms (katas) at national sport karate tournaments. Unlike the movies, though, we don't use wires or special effects. This Web site's goal is to serve as a reference point for extreme martial arts, karate moves and karate techniques on the Web.

These are hilarious! Selections include: - Common Students that Martial Arts Instructors See - Stupid martial arts accidents - Ghostwheel's Top Ten Signs you're at a McDojo - Top 13 Signs You've Joined the Wrong Martial Arts School - Martial Arts Doublespeak - You Know You've Been in the Martial Arts Too Long When... - Some Martial Arts Definitions - Top Ten Reasons for Studying Martial Arts - You know you're Hooked on Karate When... - Iron Crotch Kung Fu

This article gives basic steps and an overview for new martial artists looking to join a school. Types of schools are listed: * The Martial Arts/Fitness Facility * The Family Oriented School * Full Contact Schools * Sport Competition Schools * The Traditional School

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