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List of nunchaku techniques commonly used in freestyle competition.

NeoKarate is what we call all those techniques, moves and kicks that you see in movies and in forms (katas) at national sport karate tournaments. Unlike the movies, though, we don't use wires or special effects. This Web site's goal is to serve as a reference point for extreme martial arts, karate moves and karate techniques on the Web.

This article gives basic steps and an overview for new martial artists looking to join a school. Types of schools are listed: * The Martial Arts/Fitness Facility * The Family Oriented School * Full Contact Schools * Sport Competition Schools * The Traditional School

Great little tutorial on how to do a roundhouse kick: "If you are looking to try martial arts at home or just want to imitate Chuck Norris, then you might want to learn the mawashi geri, also known as the roundhouse kick. Even if it looks like an easy kick to perform, there are some slight differences in how to perform it according to your guard and the guard of your opponent..."

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