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A karate instructor using traditional training methods - kicking students in the stomach - was charged, but later cleared on allegations of child abuse.

A mugger gets socked by a karate champ in Rome. She punched him twice, then had the good sense to run and bring police.

I like this story because it reminds me how tough it was for women to learn martial arts: The odds were squarely against Amy Benevento becoming a master-level black belt. As a child, her parents denied her karate lessons with the edict that karate was for boys. When she finally started lessons in college, she was so afraid of being hit that she stayed in a beginner class for four years.

An interesting thing I saw in Wikipedia's Karate page today. I like that spirit is listed before strength: Kumite Priorities * Ichi gan - first, eyes (awareness) * Ni soku - second, footwork (ability and foundation) * San tan - third, spirit (willingness to fight) * Shi riki - fourth, strength (fitness of the body)

The Hawaii Karate Museum has soem titles I'd really like to see: # Okinawa Karate and Kobudo: Over 200 Japanese Monographs from the 20th Century (pdf format), prepared by Andreas Quast, January 2006. # The First Karate Books, by Graham Noble, Fighting Arts International, Issue No. 90, 1995 (pages 19 - 23). # Graham Noble on Karate Books Part Two: The West Learns About The 'Empty Hand', by Graham Noble, Fighting Arts International, Issue No. 93, 1997 (pages 42 - 48). # Mutsu Mizuho's Karate Kenpo, by Charles Joseph Swift. # Wisdom from the Past: Tidbits on Kata Applications from Pre-War Karate Books, by Charles Joseph Swift. * Part One * Part Two: The Writings of Funakoshi Gichin * Part Three: Motobu Choki * Part Four: Mutsu Mizuho's Karate Kenpo # "What Is Self-Defense?" by James Mitose: Is There A Link To Choki Motobu? by Charles C. Goodin. Classical Fighting Arts, Issue #3, 2004. See Classical Fighting Arts Online.

Beautifully produced traditional Japanese calendar, in time for the new year

This excellent article about the history of Sai deserves a read. It is well researched, and even talks about the types of sai, including the manji or ying/yang sai.

This article about how to use different strategies against different types of fighters is excellent! It will change how you spar opponents in the future, especially those you've had trouble against in the past.

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