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Someone asked whether Batman had any superpowers, and the consensus was essentially that he did not, but instead had genius-level intellect and a mastery of a simply enormous set of disciplines...

A female Blackbelt heard someone breaking into her home, then chases him 7 blocks!

RUSSIAN SPETSNAZ During the 1970s, when the Cold War was at its height, the West became aware of the existence of Soviet Spetsnaz troops, which were grouped into what were known as "diversionary brigades." Today, although the Cold War is long since ended, Spetsnaz units are still part of the Russian order-of-battle, although their missions have changed...

From the article: "In 2003, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported more than 70,000 injuries related to martial arts were treated in hospitals, doctorsí offices, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and emergency rooms."

Have you ever wanted to throw a knife but it wouldnt hit right? Well here's how: 1. grip the knife at its center of gravity 2. With the blade facing you, grip the knife with your thumb and the side of your index finger immediately at the fulcrum. ...

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