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Don't make fun of Bobby Lashley and his pro wrestling background. The former WWE star said he was incensed by the fact that his opponent Mike Cook came to the cage in a lucha libre mask a la Nacho Libre.

If you only catch one fight from the Bellator Fighting Championships, held in Chicago on Friday night, watch Kerry Vera's unanimous decision over Leslie Smith. The two women engaged in a brutal, nonstop slugfest. Vera, the wife of UFC fighter Brandon Vera, had her debut tonight, though she had fought in kickboxing matches in the past. Her kicks were as brutal as her husbands, and she was unrelenting for the entire fight. Leslie Smith, in just her second pro bout, had several memorable exchanges, including one where she caught Vera's leg and waylaid her with punches.

The first 3 Karate Kid Movies are available on You can watch them free, and legally. Get your fix of Mr Miyagi and Daniel Laruso. Oh, and how is your "Crane Kick" coming along?

A short decisive blow from a Martial arts Instructor knocks this pimp down

This video series is perfect for those protecting property and persons at night. Usually your flashlight will be drawn already, and this DVD has some great moves.

Two guys battle it out like Ling Xiaoyu of tekken. Funny, and these guys obviously have a lot of wushu skill.

Two authentic kung fu masters fighting in a ring in 1953 - check it out!

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